Mastering the YOUniverse Powerful Wisdom in Personal Development Much of the content of this book is ancient wisdom. So many masters and teachers have shared with us the secret that deciding who you really are, and being it, is the fastest means of affecting and creating your inner self and outer world. There are many that see the world as it is and ask 'Why', and there are others who dream of things that never were and ask 'Why not?'. To those people who dream the dream of creating, then this little book can help you to deliver your vision, and turn it into your reality. The secret of deciding who you really are, and being it, is the fastest means of affecting and creating your inner self and outer world. This is not original or unique knowledge but what may be new is your decision to try it! Your choice is determined by you only and as such is the ultimate power. When it comes to living, most of us simply watch events unfold day after day. In the meantime careers are planned, marriage happens, a home, a family, even a vacation, but it never occurs to most folks to actually plan their life. Therefore, why drift along and often end up at destinations that you would never have consciously chosen, if the power is there to choose? Extraordinary Personal Transformation The power is there to choose your destination. Use your own inspiration and the tools that you ALREADY possess to rewrite your story and focus on the things that truly matter to you. Once you understand the process and put the power into action, nothing will be able to stop you. You will get control over the power inside of you You will achieve inner peace in your life You will become strong and confident enough that the life seems almost easy You will learn to have the most powerful mindset Your power will be growing and growing You will become a master of the YOUniverse You are going to see big progress in all aspects of your life Activate the Greatest Potential Inside of You Thrill yourself at the new way you can look at life, how you see and treat others. Be uplifted by the new priorities you will set and the new ideas that you will possess. Amaze yourself at how you have been walking around in this life as in circles for so long, entangled in a psychosis that has little to do with your own making and much to do with your conditioning and received beliefs by and from others. You can live on-purpose, with outcomes that you wish to experience. Begin with a confidence building life plan and start the journey from here to where you would prefer to be - that is in all aspects of this life in the YOUniverse. Rewrite Your Story Download the Book Today. Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the "Buy" Button. TAGS: personal transformation, personal power, positive thinking, success, motivational self-help, motivational leadership, personal development, The Power of Youniverse, Inspiration, Body, Mind & Spirit