Book One: Bound by Blood The separatist vampire factions are under scrutiny of the 13th Coven; a failing throne losing control over their kind. They seek to expand their empire dangerously close to three werewolf clans. A terminally ill widower seeks salvation in this clandestine realm and soon finds himself drawn into a world and a conflict beyond imagination. Will he accept the fate chosen for him, or will he make his own fate by stepping into the unknown? The fallen Red Marshal Sophia has come with an agenda of her own, one that could ignite a war. She is pursued by the werewolves of the Red Thunder Clan as well the Pure-Bloods; vampires tasked with the destruction of their own kind. Allied with an army of vampire exiles known as the Shadow-Walkers, the Red Marshal will stop at nothing to wage war against the Red Thunder Clan and any who stand in her way; werewolf and vampire alike.